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Water Softening

Across Canada, there are many regions with contaminated drinking and usage water. Green Essential Service’s starts by diagnosing your water issues and suggesting a filtration system that meets your home's needs.Our goal is to have great tasting and healthy water for your family.We work with industry leading brands to ensure the right quality is implemented.

Technical Scope

Why Hard Water is BAD?

Hard water minerals react with heat to form scale and soap curd or scum. Avoid costly hard water related ISSUES;

  • Premature failure of water heaters
  • Scale and buildup in pipes, faucets and shower heads 
  • Drinking chlorine
  • Harmful compunds found in other water sources


Softer, healthier skin & hair

Brighter, cleaner, long lasting clothes

Spot-free dishes & glassware

Use up to 75% less soap

Expand life of pipes, fixtures & water using appliances

Save time and effort cleaning


                      *savings are not guaranteed